Pregnancy never looked this good, Yvonne Nelson reveals baby bump in a photo shoot

The Ghanaian actress, model, film producer, and entrepreneur, Yvonne Nelson whose birthday was yesterday has displayed her heavy lump in a photo-shoot.

In a recent interview with Wowmagng, the actress reveals she expects to be a single mother stating ‘as a woman, you cannot marry yourself’.

Yvonne Nelson has said she has been hoping to get pregnant since she turned 29 years. She talked about how she turned down the proposal of a man in London but became pregnant for another man who has not proposed marriage. She went on to reveal some details about the soon-to-be dad, she said he is British, has had kids before, he is “super happy” about becoming a father again and is a responsible man.

The 32-year-old said while the idea of marriage is “scary”, she still holds on to the hope of marrying. “Yeah, when it happens, I will be glad” but adds “I don’t want to put pressure on anyone”.

The House Of Gold star also disclosed that although her mother had always advocated for marriage before pregnancy, she has been supportive since she got pregnant out of wedlock and is more concerned about her baby and not the fact that she got impregnated by a man who has not married her.

She said while she may view not having set a good example by putting a bump before a ring, she thinks “society is just too hard on some of us”. Enjoy the pictures below.

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