Letter From Satan To Humans Written In 1676 Has Finally Been Translated, See What It Says

After 300 years of darkness, light has finally been shed on a letter that was claimed to be written by the devil.

A Sicilian nun woke up one day with ink all over her body and she had a letter which she claimed was written by the devil as he possessed her.

Her colleagues reported that she was possessed the previous night while she wrote down the letter.

This letter was not deciphered until recently when a software found on the dark web decrypted the message.

When the letter was written by the possessed nun as she claimed, it could not be deciphered so it was passed down for centuries.

A team in Sicily deciphered the message and found it to be devilish. The letter clearly says “God thinks he can free mortals.” It also mentioned that god is a human creation, stating “this system works for no one.”

The River Styx which is the separation between the living and the underworld in Greek mythology was also mentioned. It says “perhaps now, Styx is certain.”

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